Google Fit – Google’s Answer to Exercise and Health

What is Google Fit?

Google Fit is the health initiative that has been taken on by the search engine provider. Android phones and tablets can now be used to help people track their health goals with a variety of metrics. This includes steps, sleep, and much more.

iOS users have been getting excited about Apple HealthKit, which is set to release with iOS 8 and Google Fit is now the response for Android. There are a variety of Android devices that can be used alongside of it for even more tracking. This makes it easier for people to do what is needed to be healthier, including eating the right foods and exercising with greater frequency.


Various fitness companies have been involved with Google Fit. This includes NikeRunKeeperAdidas and Intel. The FuelBand by Nike will work in conjunction with Google Fit along with many other devices. What’s unique about the dedicated app is that it doesn’t require one specific gadget for it to work. Instead, it is a platform for manufacturers to showcase their device using the Android interface.

Technically, any and all devices could work with Google Fit. It is up to each individual manufacturer to work within the confines. Because it is an open-source approach, it is gaining a considerable amount of media. People can choose the gadget they want and there is nothing additional to download. Everyone who has an Android device will have access to the health initiative.

A lot of data is combined in the platform. This includes combining workout data with weight. It can monitor activity and eating habits side by side. Suggestions will also be made, such as recommending activity when a calorie count has gotten too high.

Fitness Tracking

With such a platform in place, it allows more people to monitor their health so that they can lose weight, maintain weight, and achieve all of their healthcare goals. Since the app is not an added cost, it is available to everyone with an Android device – smartphone or tablet. It works in a similar way to the iOS HealthKit, though there are going to be more devices that will work.

The device that a person chooses will provide more sensors to capture information, such as the number of calories burnedsteps taken, or hours slept. All of this information will then feed into the program so that more intelligent recommendations can be made. As long as a person chooses to use Google Fit on their Android device, they will be able to get the help that they need.

The technology inside of Google Fit is impressive and it is easy to use. It is something that has recently been unveiled and with the number of partners, it is likely that many new products will be entering the market. 

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