What Is My Body Type? Endomorph, Mesomorph, and Ectomorph

ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph

What is my body type?

Understanding Your Body Type Can Help You Achieve Maximum Fat Burn and a Leaner Body.

When embarking on a new fitness journey, it is important to know that no single diet plan or fitness routine will work for everyone. Body type plays a very important role in determining which plan will help you.

There are 3 main body types, each of which is affected and determined entirely by genetics: EctomorphEndomorph, and Mesomorph.  Each body type builds muscle, burns fat and gains muscle tone at different rates. Below, we will discuss these three body types, and how nutrition and exercise affect each one. 

How to Identify Your Body Type

William H. Sheldon, Ph.D., MD, introduced these 3 body types to the world in 1940. After carefully studying various individuals and the rates at which they gained fat and muscle, he determined that by eating foods specifically beneficial to each body type and performing exercises designed specifically to enhance the features of each one, each body type can optimize the rate at which they burn fat and gain muscle.

What’s My Body Type?

To determine which body type you are, read through the following list to identifying features Sheldon set forth.

Use this body shape calculator link to find out your body type and shape. Once you discover your body type, it will be much easier to find exercise, workout regiments and eating plans right for your body type. 

What is my body type


  • Ectomorphs are generally tall and lean. They have very little body fat and very little muscle tone. They have smaller, more delicate features, narrow shoulders and find it very hard to gain weight.
  • Ectomorph females generally have flat chests and both male and female ectomorphs have flat bottoms.
  • These body types generally have a rectangular appearance and lack curves or definition. Ectomorphs have very high metabolisms, which is why they have difficulty gaining and maintaining body weight. 


  • Tall and Slim
  • Little Body Fat and muscle tone
  • Smaller features 
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Hard to gain weight
  • Small chests and bottoms
  • High metabolism


  • One of the main benefits of this body type is that they never have to worry about gaining too much weight. They are also able to build muscle, although may take a little effort.


  • Endomorphs gain fat very easily and usually have a rounder, softer appearance.  Their metabolisms are much slower than the other two body types, and have greater difficulty burning excess body fat.
  • They are usually shorter and have a stocky build. Even in top condition, their muscles are usually not very defined.
  • Endomorphs carry most of their weight in the lower body and have powerful lower body strength. Although they gain fat easily, endomorphs also gain muscle quickly.
  • The endomorph body type is the most coveted by women, as females in this group have the classic hourglass shape when in good physical condition. When too much fat is gained, individuals in this group can take on a pear-like appearance.


  • Softer and rounder appearance
  • Slower metabolism
  • Difficult to burn excess body fat
  • Shorter and stockier
  • Carry most of their weight in the lower body
  • Gain fat easily

Body Type Most Coveted by Women

Hourglass body shape when in good physical condition, but more often pear-like appearance.


  • The positive aspect of being an endomorph is the fact that they gain muscle easily.


  • Mesomorphs have an hourglass-shaped body, and females in this body group usually have similar size shoulders and hips. They are more athletic and generally have well-defined muscles. These body types are strong and gain muscle easily.
  • Although mesomorphs do not gain fat easily, they do gain it more easily than an ectomorph. Mesomorph metabolisms are generally in the moderate range. If they do not exercise, excess weight can pile on. This is also the most desirable body type for men. 


  • Hourglass-shaped body
  • Efficient metabolism
  • Similar size shoulders and hips
  • Athletic and well-defined muscles
  • Gain muscle easily
  • Responds well to exercise


  • This body type responds the best to weight training and usually has better muscle definition than the other two types.

Eating for your body type?

Whereas exercise can only change your body so much, and you cannot completely remodel your body structure, you can definitely improve your look and enhance the features you have by performing the correct exercises. Following the proper nutrition plan for your type can also help you to burn fat in all the right places and help to develop your muscles.



  • Ectomorphs have a hard time maintaining proper body fat levels, so they should generally restrict their cardiovascular exercise and concentrate on strength training.


  • Instead of eating 3 larger meals per day, ectomorphs should consume 5 to 6 smaller meals per day, making sure to include a serving of good fats at each meal.



  • Endomorphs can help keep their body fat percentage in check by performing 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise  4 to 5 days per week. Strength training exercises should be performed 2 to 3 times per week. 

Endomorph workout routine:

  • Get your free printable workout plan here — 7 Days to Bodacious Booty! Show off your sexy curves with these 7-day butt workout challenges. 


  • These body types should avoid crash diets, which will cause their body to not release stored fat. Endomorphs should eat smaller high-fiber meals throughout the day in order to help keep them full and drink plenty of water.


  • Fitness: These body types should concentrate on strength training, with moderate amounts of cardiovascular exercises.
  • Mesomorph Workout Routine: Get your free printable workout plan here —Get your body bikini ready! These 5 moves will sculpt your abs. 


  • Mesomorphs can do well with eating 3 meals per day, but these meals should contain high amounts of protein and a moderate amount of carbs. 

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