Tabata Workout For Fat Loss

Short on Time or Need a Change of Pace? Try Tabata Workouts

If you're looking to spice up your fitness routine, why not up the intensity a bit and give the "Tabata workout" a try.

Tabata training is a High-Interval Training Workout also known as H.I.I.T lasting only 4 minutes.

The history of Tabata Training Protocol

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Plyometric Cardio Circuit

12 Minute Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Plyometrics are high-intensity exercises that tap into energy stores in muscles to encourage muscle developments, agility, stamina, and speed. When done in addition to a regular workout routines it can help boost performance.

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How to do a perfect burpee

How to Do a Burpee in 6 Simple Steps

The burpee is one of the most popular bodyweight exercises in the world.

Athletes, Crossfitters, and military personnel, they all embrace burpees and do them regularly in their workouts.

The exercise is simple but intense that very few people can do more than 5 correctly.

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