Your Body Type Test

What Is My Body Type?

What is my body type?

Understanding Your Body Type Can Help You Achieve Maximum Fat Burn and a Leaner Body. When embarking on a new fitness journey, it is important to know that no single diet plan or fitness routine will work for everyone. Body type plays a very important ... Continue Reading

Body Fat

Healthy Body Fat Percentage

Knowing your "body fat percentage" is a great way to monitor or measure your health.

Before beginning an exercise program it’s always good to measure details of your body, like body fat percentage, so you can gauge your progression through your fitness program.

There are a ... Continue Reading

How to eat for the body you want

Metabolic Diet - Eat Right for Your Metabolism

No single diet or exercise program is a perfect fit for everyone.

Your individual body type plays a critical role in determining which meal plan and food choices will help optimize weight loss.

There are three main body types, and each one is pre-determined by your genetic ... Continue Reading