Apple Watch with iOS 8 Health Kit – a Fitness Enthusiast Dream

Apple has come a long way since the introduction of the original iPhone over 7 years ago. The release of the iPad made mainstream news and made it apparent that Apple was consistently working to introduce its customers to unique electronic devices. Now, Apple has introduced a new product that will change the lives of fitness enthusiasts everywhere- the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch will be compatible with Apple’s already existing HealthKit, which debuted in June of this year. This combination will provide a fitness enthusiast with a complete overview of their fitness levels with a single touch. Read below to learn more about the Apple Watch and HealthKit, and how it can help you keep track of your fitness goals.

What is the HealthKit?

The HealthKit is an app, which is bundled with iOS 8 and was created to help users keep track of their fitness data and personal health. Appearing as “Health” on the home screen of your iPhone, the HealthKit is an all-inclusive dashboard that allows you to monitor health metrics daily, and also gives you an overall picture of your long-term fitness trends. In the past, fitness enthusiasts had their health information strewn across several various apps. Craig Federighi, SVP, stated that by having all of this information available in one central app, users can get a greater overall picture of their fitness goals. It is a marked improvement over the current set up.

Apple is also working with other health institutions to help centralize everything by allowing fitness and health apps to share data. This is being modeled after the highly successful NikeFuel , which allows users of its Nike+ app to import certain features of the HealthKit to create a completely personalized user profile. Apple will partner with well-known health institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic, which will allow health care providers the ability to transmit and receive data from your visits and checkups. In order to protect this sensitive data, strict privacy protection features will be enabled.

Referring to this unique program as simply an ‘app’ is drastically underselling the abilities of the HealthKit. Although health apps have become extremely popular in previous years, the HealthKit is so much more. This is especially true when used in conjunction with the much anticipated Apple Watch.

What is the Apple Watch?

After years of rumors, the Apple Watch, previously referred to as the iWatch, has finally been put into production. The Apple Watch was revealed on September 9th  of this year, and is the first device of its kind that will enable the user access to simplified apps and the ability to check Facebook updates without having to fumble around in their pocket or handbag for their iPhone. This is a huge selling point for fitness enthusiasts who like to travel light on runs, hikes, or in the gym.

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes and is available in four colors- stainless steel, space gray aluminum, space black stainless steel, and silver aluminum. There will also be a special edition line available, offering watches in rose gold and 18-carat yellow gold.

Because the Apple Watch has fitness apps ingrained into its software, it is an invaluable resource for those who are serious about their health and fitness. It is an all inclusive fitness tracker, which monitors your heart rate and can even measure how far you have moved by utilizing the GPS system in your iPhone. The built- in heart sensor can provide you with an accurate pulse reading without the inconvenience of traditional bulky chest straps. 

Its unique activity app can measure three different aspects of movement- stand, move and exercise. The ‘stand’ function measures how many times you have stood up throughout the day. The ‘move’ function allows you to set goals and track calories. The ‘exercise’ function allows you to measure all of your physical activity. It also features a workout app, which lets you set your own specific health goals for various activities, from running to swimming to cycling. 

The Apple Watch comes standard with its own set of fitness tracking apps. However, when paired with the HealthKit, it opens up a wide range of possibilities for the fitness enthusiast. There are hundreds of fitness apps available on the market today. However, the HealthKit allows all these apps to work together, placing all of the information you need in one place.

The HealthKit, when combined with the Apple Watch, is a health and fitness enthusiast’s dream. Whatever your fitness goals may be, whether it is weight loss, fat loss, building muscle tone or training for an endurance event, you can track your workout and see result your overall results in just one touch.

Misato Alexandre


After making healthy living a priority, Misato lost over 20 lbs in less than 90 days. Instead of weight loss being a dreading experience, living the lifestyle of health and fitness granted her more happiness and joy than ever before. She co-founded Fitwirr to make health and fitness simple for everyone and share her tips through writing evidence-based articles on nutrition, weight loss, and exercise.

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