10 gifts your fit dad will love

Are you on a hunt for a last minute Father’s Day gift for your dad who wants to get fit? Here are the ultimate list of 10 gifts you can still get by tomorrow (or the ones you can say I ordered it but it didn’t come on time…). 

Ultimate Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad Who Wants to Get Fit. Fit Father Gift Guide 2014

1. Nike Fuelband 

For a dad who just started his fitness journey, get him a tracking band from Nike that tracks his fitness activities and progress. Seeing his daily progress right on his band, he’d be more motivated to keep up with his workouts and runs and stay on top of his game. 

Price: $149 

Where: Local Nike Store or Nike Website 

2. Foam Roller

Is your dad complaining for a sore back or tight calf? Give him a gift of relief! 

Foam roller is one of the closest thing to getting a professional massage. It rolls his tight muscle nuts and gives his back and legs a relief. 

Price: $20 ~

Where: Local sports stores (Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Champs Store, etc..)

or Gaiam.com

3. Yoga Mat 

Your dad doesn’t have to practice yoga to appreciate a yoga mat. 

Yoga mat protects your dad’s knees and elbows when performing floor exercises and stretches. 

It’s a must have for a dad who recently joined a gym or started working out at home. 

Price: $15 ~

Where: Local sports stores (Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Champs Store, etc..)

or Gaiam.com

4. Beats Headphones 

Men love tech gadgets, and your dad is no different. Here’s a cool father’s day gift your dad will surely love. Beats by Dre Studio Headphones offer great sound quality to help him enjoy his music even more and get his groove on. If you want to go over and beyond, get him a Spotify monthly membership to go with it so he can listen to all of his favorites. Until tomorrow, Spotify is giving away 2 free months when you buy one, so he has all his summer to enjoy his music!

Headphone Price: $99-399

Where: Local Apple Store or Beats Website 

Sportify: $9.99 + 2 free months* offer end on 6/15

Where: Spotify Website 

5. Nike Free Run 2 ID Men’s Running Shoes 

Does your dad like to run? Any man who runs can appreciate a great pair of running shoes. If that’s your dad, how about getting him a pair of running shoes with a personal touch. Nike Free Run 2 ID provides the benefits of running barefoot with a supportive midsole. They are fully customizable, so take him to the Nike store tomorrow and let him pick out colors to personalize his new running shoes. 

Price: $135

Where: Local Nike Store or Nike Website

6. Kettlebells 

Is your dad having a hard time making it to the gym? Bring gym to his living room by equipping his home gym with kettlebells. 

Just a pair of kettlebells can add a huge variety of exercises to his regular workout routines. 

Prices: $50~ for a pair

Where: Local sports stores (Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Champs Store, etc..)

or Gaiam.com

7. Insanity Base Kit-DVD Workout

Not all dads are into gym workouts, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get in shape at home. 

For dads who need intense workouts at home, get a gift of Insanity Base Kit. It comes with nutrition guides, progress calendars, and 10 intense workout DVDs. 

Price: $145 ~

Where: Insanity Website

8. TRX Home Suspension Training Kit 

Is your dad a traveler who wants to keep his fit lifestyle everywhere he goes? A great fitness equipment to invest in is TRX. Their suspension band allows your dad to use his bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises without any extra equipments, making it an ultimate fitness equipment for a fit dad. The best part is, it’s light and portable, so he can take it to his next trip!

Price: $199.95

Where: TRX Website

9. Cross Fit Membership

If your dad is up for challenges of Crossfit, get a membership at a local Crossfit training center. He’ll not only gain a gym access, he’ll get a supportive community of like minded people. 

If he is training to get fit on his own and not being successful at it, a Crossfit membership might be just the thing he needs. 

Price: $200~ for 4 week membership

Where: Check your local listings of Crosfit gyms. 

10. Lululemon For The People Short 

For any Yoga dads out there, we picked out a pair of shorts that gives him the style and coverage in and out of classroom. Lululemon For The People Shorts are tapered fit and longer in length, giving your dad a peace of mind knowing he is fully covered even in the mist of his Yoga moves. 

Price: $68

Where: Local Lululemon Store or Lululemon Website 

{Cover Image Credit: Elvert Barnes}

{Gift List CrossFit Image Credit: Tony Felgueiras}


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