Hiring an Online Personal Trainer: Tips, Tricks

When you set your mind on a goal you so desperately want to achieve, there is nothing that can stop you, except…not knowing where to start.

We’ve all been there, and I’ve failed my first 17 attempts to lose weight like that.

While it’s hard to achieve any goal without motivation, determination and persistence, that alone won’t get you there.

You need a roadmap to success..

But don’t take it from me, take it from Earl Nightingale who said “All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”

Having a plan is what’s going to cut through all the cluttered space of weight loss and only leave you with legitimate and effective actionable plans to get to where you need to be.

Fitness Motivational Quote

Looking back 8 years ago when I lost nearly 20 lbs, the only thing I did differently to bring the success was getting the help. Us women often pride ourselves in doing it all.

While I know women around me who are excellent at doing everything themselves. I urge that you get a little extra help.

It would not only take loads off your shoulders, reduce stress of having to learn everything and avoid the common mistakes most of us make when trying to lose weight. 

You may be thinking “that’s great! but the cost of hiring a personal trainer is steep and I can’t afford it”. Yes, hiring a fitness trainer isn’t cheap, but who says you have to find one locally? 

Getting online coaching can help you save money and travel time. Some of us are not fortunate enough to have a gym nearby, let alone access to a personal trainer, or dietitian.

Whether it’s a geographical or economical reason barring the access to the key personnel and facility to pursue a healthier and fitter living, there is now a technological solution that provides you the “Must-Have” help you need in your pursuit of wellness.

In this digital age a fitness instructor, personal trainer or dietitian can be quite literally at your fingertips on your computer screen. 

Who Is An Online Personal Trainer? 

Rest assured that we are not talking about robots! Online training is basically like going to see a personal trainer or dietitian but without the real life experience.

It’s a real certified personal trainer providing their advice and services via email, website, phone conversation, video, or Skype.

How Does Online Training Work?

Many programs are available. Some are standard programs that you purchase for a set fee. Other programs can be personalized to your needs. Generally the more personalized the program the higher the price, as the adage goes, you get what you pay for.

So if you want a diet plan to address your specific needs, perhaps a celiac weight loss plan, then a dietitian would be more beneficial over a nutritionist. Another thing to ask for is insurance.

Whilst no client or trainer wants to think about injury, insurance covers both of you against any occurrence.

How to Qualify Fitness Instructors?

Personal Training Certification 

There are many personal training certifications in the fitness industry. The top three certifications though are NASMNSCA, and ACSM, so look for a trainer with one of those certifications, and make sure it’s current.

Personal training certifications generally last 2 years and need to be renewed with continuing education units. 

How to Qualify Nutritionists and Dietitians?

What license a nutritionist and dietitian should possess? Whilst the term dietitian is clear, nutritionist can be vary state to state.

A registered dietitian is someone who has completed a degree in nutrition, plus practical internship and registered with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly The American Dietetic Association). 

The term nutritionist however isn’t defined regarding certification or education requirement.

In most cases, a nutritionist maybe someone who is in the process of completing a dietitian program or has completed a nutrition certification but as the term nutritionist isn’t regulated in most states, in some cases the nutritionist may have no certification or education in nutrition at all.

As such it’s important to be vigilant in researching someone to help with a healthy eating plan.

Getting Started. Costs and Programs

How to get started and find a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist? A great place to get started is the very place you’re going to find your trainer, online! There are many websites dedicated to online personal training, and some personal trainers and dietitians offer online coaching.

Will It Work for You?

Whether you are just looking for motivation, a specific diet plan, or a full fitness program, online personal training may be something you consider in the future as we move forward in the age of technology.

A word of caution though, whilst this works for many some personality types may not succeed as well with online training.

Unlike in-person training you won’t get the same motivation and encouragement that you do during a 1-on-1 session so bear that in mind if you are the type of person that needs a real kick up the booty during your workout sessions rather than a virtual one.

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