The Best Bodyweight Workouts Poster for Men: Abs, Chest & Arms

The Best Body weight Workouts Poster for Men: Abs, Chest & Arms

Total-body men’s workout exercise poster.

Build an amazing physique with this full-body weight workouts poster.

This super-effective total-body muscle-building body weight workouts for both beginners and advanced exercises.

Want to take inches off your waist, lose your belly fat, shred your abs to reveal your six-pack abs? Want to lean out and build your chest and arms?

This total-body exercise poster features the best body-weight workouts for men to build the ultimate male body.

All 21 exercises are clearly illustrated and easy to follow— featuring all effective workouts ranging from classic workouts such as push-ups for chest, reverse crunches for lower abs and plank for core strength to new exercises such as leg lift, get-up and one-leg marching.

You’ll never run out of exciting, effective new exercises that’ll help you get leaner, stronger and more fit— guaranteed!

This workout poster is the perfect visual guide to use for developing total-body strength, and building a workout regimen that you can do anywhere. No-equipment, just your body-weight.

Overall you’ll find this exercise poster as a great reference guide whether it be for new bodyweight exercise ideas or learning how to perform the perfect push-up or plank.

This exercise poster is available on Amazon in three sizes:

  • 12x 18
  • 18x 24
  • 24x 36

…. with free shipping.

What are you waiting for? Grab your poster and get started in building your new physique today.

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What’s your favorite body weight exercise from the poster? Leave us a comment below to let us know.

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