13 Pieces Of Exercise Equipment You Need In Your Home Gym

At-home workouts are the best; there’s nothing like it—being able to exercise in your own space, on your own time is a great way to start exercising and sticking to it .

If you’re planning on starting an exercise program and wanting to commit to working out on a regular basis, convenience is the key. 

According to Statistic Brain, the average number of times a gym membership owner will go to the gym every week is 2. 

That’s better than not working out.

You’re still getting some “exercise benefits”, even if you’re not meeting the general fitness exercise guidelines for healthy adults between the age of 18 to 64. And that is 2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic exercises a week. 

And for muscle and strengthening exercises 2 or more days is recommended a week, performing strength training exercises that work for all major muscle groups. 

SPRI Deluxe Dumbbells $18

Whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete, a pair of dumbbells is no-doubt a must-have in your home gym.

They allow you to add more challenge to your bodyweight exercises, thus keep you progressing through different phases of your workout. 

When working smaller muscles like your triceps, get a smaller pair of dumbbells (under 10 lbs).

For lower body exercises, anywhere from 15-25 lbs gives you a good place to start. 

Once you get a pair of dumbbells, head over to 30 Dumbbell Exercises to Try

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Power Block Dumbbell Set $179 

There are many great expensive fitness tools that don’t get much use around the house, but Power Block Dumbbell Set won’t be one of them.

Power Block Dumbbell Set $ 179 form Amazon

 This pair is truly worthy of your investment and last all through your fitness journey and replace all the other dumbbells you have and will need to get if you don’t have a pair of this adjustable dumbbells. 

You can adjust the weight from 5-50 lbs per hand, allowing you to perform any arm exercises to leg workouts just by changing the weight.

As a bonus, because they are so easy to adjust, you can share them with your boyfriend/hubby, replacing all his heavy dumbbells laying around the house! 

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Black Mountain Single Resistance Band Starting $10 

Black Mountain Single Resistance Band Starting $10 from Amazon

Exercise band offers a different type of resistance than dumbbells and other free weight equipment. They are flexible and stretchable bands with hands that allow you to perform cable pulley exercises at home, in the hotel room or outdoor.

They come in multiple colors with a wide range of resistance from 2-4 lbs (yellow) to 70-75 lbs (atomic).

Be sure to purchase several colors, so you can increase the amount of resistance and continue to challenge your strength over the course of your training. 

These resistance bands from Black Mountain on Amazon comes with a door anchor to make it even more versatile and convenient for home exercisers.

The bands start at $10. Even the heaviest ones are $20.21 with free shipping over $35 if you have Amazon Prime. 

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Aurora Synergy 2-IN-1 Yoga Mat with Integrated Towel $50 

Yoga mat or any exercise mat is an exercise essential. It’s a must have for Yoga but also provides you comfort when performing stretches and floor exercises.

While there are countless mats on market, one that really stands out from the rest and superior in our eyes is

AuroraeSynergy 2-in-1 Yoga Mat with Integrated Towel. It’s washable, towel and mat in one, 5 mm thick and extra long (72″ long).

No more slippering, sweat odor and your hands or feet off the mat.

It’s more expensive than others ($49.95 + free shipping on Amazon), but it’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and I know you will be happy with it. 

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Fitter Duraball Pro $95

We love stability ball exercises so much that we have done a post on 30 Swiss ball exercises.

It helps strengthen almost every muscle and engages your core no matter what exercise you perform on an exercise ball.

Fitter Duraball Pro $ 95 from Amazon

By working with an unstable surface, you improve your balance, coordination, stabilization and posture. 

Be warned that sizes are not the only thing to consider when shopping for a stability ball. Not all balls are tested for burst resistance.

For your safety, be sure to get a durable, burst resistance ball.

Remember when performing dumbbell exercises on a stability ball, your ball should be able to support your weight and the added equipment weight.

 Duraball is the industry leading ball with burst resistance up to 1100 lbs. Most gyms I’ve gone in NYC use nothing but duraballs. It’s the best in the industry. 

Grab one on Amazon for $94.96 + free shipping with Amazon Prime. 

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Trigger Point The Grid Foam Roll $38

If you can’t get to a masseuse often, consider foam rolling your deep tissue massage.

It’s a valid and effective massage technique called self-myofascial release (SMR) that releases muscle tightness and tension.

Foam Roller Trigger Point Therapy $ 38 form Amazon

For best results, spend 5 minutes before your workout to roll out any nuts and condition your muscles for more vigorous activity.

When getting a foam roller, the most important decision making point is its density.

If you are a first timer, choose a less dense roller. For those experienced, more dense roller or “molded foam” roller is more effective.

They maintain density without flattening out over time.

The one we absolutely love is Trigger Point. Half size (13″ long) roller is $37.94 and long roller (26″ long) is $61.17 on Amazon with free shipping.

Please note that foam rolling exercises such as thoracic rotation requires the use of a 26″ foam roller.

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TRX Suspension Trainer $190 

If home is where you regularly workout, invest in this portable, lightweight equipment, especially if you can only afford to buy one

TRX Suspension Trainer $ 190 from Amazon

equipment for your home gym. Invented by a former Navy Seal, this suspension band can go anywhere you go and turn any bodyweight

exercise to a resistance added workout only using your bodyweight and gravity.

 It’s a bit pricey, I have to say, but those who have it including me can attest to the effectiveness and versatility of TRX.

It’s a great way to add variety to your bodyweight workouts and make fitness more fun.

By the way, it’s totally possible to whip your body in shape with just TRX. TRX Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor in on sale on Amazon for $189.95. 

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Dynamax Medicine Ball $90

The greatness of medicine ball is not solely the added weight. It’s the fun exercises you can do with it. Because it’s a ball, you can slam it,

Dynamax Medicine Ball $ 90 from Amazon

toss it and throw it for the name of strength training. It’s the best way to release stress and get fit at the same time. 

Many medicine balls are a bit too bouncy in my experience except this Dynamax Medicine Ball.

Non-bouncy ball doesn’t bounce back to your face when you slam it against the ball, making it a safer choice for us women who can’t afford to get a black eye! 

The appropriate size for you is most likely different from me, but for your reference, I use 12 pound Dynamax Medicine Ball for my slams and throws.

It’s on Amazon for $89.95 + $11.85 shipping.

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SPRI Deluxe Kettlebells $36

SPRI Deluxe Kettlebells $ 36 from Amazon

Kettlebells are unique fitness equipment unlike any other free weights. You can burn tons of calories with kettlebells.

A study shows that you burn about 20 calories per minute.

You can also develop stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, and strength without worrying about getting bulky.

If you are a starter, anywhere from 15 – 20 lbs gives a good starting point.

18 lb SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettlebells is selling on Amazon for $35.98 + free shipping. It’s vinyl coated to prevent floor damage. 

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Valslides, Sliding Discs $30 

Valslide discs turn any flat surface to an unstable training surface.

They are light weight and quite effective at targeting thighs, hamstrings and glutes.

By using Valslide, you can increase your core engagement and adds speed(and intensity) to body weight cardio such as mountain climbers. 

Sadly enough, we’ve only used Valslide discs and haven’t tested other ones on the market to attest their quality.

You are free to try other discs, but the ones we can recommend from our experience is Valslides. Valslides on Amazon start at $29.95. 

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The Step Original $78

Using steps in your workout routine is a great way to get in better shape and tone up your body.You can perform anything from balance exercises, strength training exercises, and cardio exercises on/ using the steps. They help you improve cardiovascular fitness and builds strength by adding challenge to your workout. If you don’t already have one you can grab it here on Amazon  

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Black Mountain Dip Station $76 

Add versatility to your bodyweight exercises. If you workout at home using your bodyweight, you soon realize that you need to add variety to your routines.  The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand does just that. It widens your variety of bodyweight exercises you can do at home such as reverse pushups and inverted rows that you can’t normally do at home. 

CrossFit Jump Rope $20

Jumping rope is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and leg strength. 

Jump ropes are inexpensive and portable, making it a perfect tool for outdoor and travel.

 It can be combined with other bodyweight strength training exercises to train your full-body.

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These are some of the basic fitness tools we often use ourselves and absolutely love.

They are featured in many of our workout routines, so if you don’t have them yet, go grab them on Amazon and follow along our workouts. 

Please note that these are affiliate links, and if you purchase them based on our recommendations, we receive a small fee from Amazon.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices listed above are current prices as of 2.23.2015. 

13 Home Gym Exercise Equipment

There you have it! 13 essential home gym exercise equipment for creating the perfect at home workouts.

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a lot of money in infomercial workout equipment you see on TV or have read about in the magazines. 

With your own bodyweight, a pair of dumbbells, and a resistance band, you can create an effective workout that challenges your muscles, build strength, and lose fat and weight.

What did you think? which one of these exercise equipment is your favorite? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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