Split squat jumps for stronger and leaner legs.

Split squat jump or split jump is a plyometric body weight exercise that primarily works your quads, glutes and hamstrings

This lower body weight exercise combines both strength and power to strengthen and tone your thighs muscles.

Despite this great benefits, its not suitable for all exercises.

It is a high impact exercise that requires good joint stabilization and muscle strength to perform properly. If you're new to working out, it may not be suitable for you. At least not yet!

It's important you master the basic lower body exercises such as body weight squatlunges and split lunges and isometric core strengthening workouts such as plank before trying out plyometrics exercises.


Basic exercises such as the ones mentioned above help you build a solid foundation that allows you to perform challenging and advanced exercises such as Split Squat Jump. 

Where should I feel it? 

You should feel this workout working your entire body, but primarily your glutes(butt), hips, hamstrings, thighs, and your core. 

Benefits: Split squat jump is an advance plyometrics exercise that targets your hamstrings, quads, and butt. 

It’s a great intense cardio that takes less time but packs in as much of effectiveness and calorie burning as running or cardio on a treadmill.

Target Muscles: Quadriceps(thighs), Hamstrings, Hips, and glutes (Butt)


Exercise Table

Reps Sets Level Location
10 2-3 Hard Gym or Home

How to do it:

  1. Stand in a split position with your right leg forward and left leg back. Bent both arms and pull the elbows back. 
  2. Prepare to jump by learning forward at the hips and get into a split squat position. Contract your abs. 
  3. Jump vertically into the air by swinging your arms up. In the air, both your legs should be extended. 
  4. Land softly on the mid-foot, then the heels. Get into the starting position and repeat for 10 times before switching sides. 


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