Side Plank Exercise

Side plank is one the simplest bodyweight exercises you can do to develop strength in your corethe muscles that connect your upper and lower body.

And it's more than just your abs.

Your glutes, pelvic, arms and shoulders are all part of your core.

And just like the standard plank, the side plank builds strength and endurance in the core muscles. This will help keep your lower back protected during your daily activities that require movement in the hips and back.

How to do it:

1. Lie on your right side, in a straight line from head to feet and rest your weight on your forearm. Your elbow should be directly under your shoulder.

Side plank position 2

2. Brace your core and prop your hips off the floor, maintaining a straight line. Keep your hips squared and your neck in line with your spine. Hold the side plank position as long as you can without breaking the form. Lower yourself and switch sides.

Side plank position 1

If you find this side plank to be challenging, start with your knees bent. Here are the instructions on how to do it on your knees. 

Make it harder:

While holding the basic position, lift and hold your top leg for as long as you can without breaking your form. 

Another option: Instead of resting on your forearm, support your body with your palm on the floor and under the shoulder with straight elbow.

Exercise Table

Reps Sets Level Location
Hold for 30-60 secs 2-3 Medium Gym or Home


There you have it! The side plank is a simple, but effective core exercise that you only need your bodyweight to perform. Add this exercise into your weekly workout regimen to build your strength.


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