Side Plank

Once you can hold the regualar side plank for 60 seconds or longer, advance yourself to this Side Plan Rotation. It's a smarter way to advance your plank than extending the hold time of the same plank.

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In addition to working your ab and oblique muscles, this move tones your entire core including your hips, shoulders. 

The standard plank exercise is considered an isometric exercise, which you maintain a bridge, static position for a duration of time. 
Although the side plank with rotation is a plank exercise, it holds the element of both dynamic and static exercises.

Perform a dynamic twisting motion while holding the isometric side bridge position. By performing this oblique exercise, you will tone your abs, strengthen the entire core, improve your posture, and reduce your risk of back pain. 

Side plank with rotation is more challenging than classic side plank and requires pre-existing strength and stability to perform it with proper form. If you are new, please start with Side Plank Feet Together or Side Plank Split Feet before advancing yourself to this rotational plank. 

If your fitness level allows you to hold side plank for 60 seconds or more, try this advance, dynamic side plank to spice up your abs workout and keep challenging yourself.

Exercise Table

Reps Sets Level Location
10-12 2-3 Hard Gym or Home

How to Do the Side Plank with Rotation:

  1. Lie on your left side on the mat and position your elbow directly under your right shoulder. Stack together your legs, knees, ankles and feet. Tighten abs. 
  2. Push your right elbow against the floor as you lift up your glutes and hips off the floor until left shoulder, left hip, and left foot are in a straight line. Reach up with your right hand and extend. 
  3. Rotate your torso downwards and reach under your body with your left arm. Rotate back to the side plank with arm up (Step 2) and repeat for 10-12 times before switching sides. 


  • Don’t drop your head. Keep your head in line with your body at all times. 


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