Quad Stretches: Standing Quad Stretch

Stretching should be a key part of your every exercise regimen.

It not only helps to increase flexibility but also improve the range of motion in your joints. 

As a general rule, many physical therapists and personal trainers recommend performing dynamic stretching before exercising and static stretches after workout as a part of cool-down.

Quad stretches

Stretching the quads or thigh muscles is a must especially after a long run, cycling or any other form of activity that gives your thighs a workout. 

There are several ways to stretch your quads. 

  1. Kneeling Quad Stretch 
  2. Standing (also known as heel to butt stretch) 

The basic static quad stretch is a stretching exercise you can perform standing or kneeling on the floor.

Since the kneeling one is best performed on a smooth surface to protect your knee, it’s best performed indoor. 

Standing Quad Stretch, also known as Heel to Butt Stretch 

Unlike kneeling quad stretch, standing variation can be done standing without any equipment, making it more convenient for outdoor workouts.

Exercise Table

2 reps on each side1EasyGym or Home

It is not only an excellent way to prepare your quads for more vigorous activity, but also effective at increasing your range of motion and flexibility while reducing any muscle cramps and tears of quads.

Perform this before your workout.

How to do Standing Quad Stretch:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. 
  2. Hold your left foot with your left hand and gently pull up to make a straight line from your hip to knee. You should feel the stretch in your front of your leg (quads). 
  3. Switch sides and perform the right side. Do 2 reps on each side for 1 set before your workout.

Tips: You can use a wall or a sturdy object as a support.

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