Overhead Tricep Extension with TRX Bands

Got jiggling triceps? 

Many women struggle with arm fat and jiggles that make us resist waving.

But with a proper nutrition and best tricep workouts, you can reach your goal of jiggle-free arms and achieve sexy sculpted arms. 

But as with all things, not all arm workouts are equal. 

According to ACE’s study on best triceps exercises, overhead tricep extension scored higher on effective than other popular triceps workouts such as Barbell Triceps Extensions and Bench Press Down. 

There are several ways you can perform overhead tricep extension: with dumbbellscable machine (exercise equipment at the gym), and TRX bands.

While cable overhead tricep extension requires a gym membership, TRX and Dumbbell versions can easily be done at home.

Overhead Tricep Extension with TRX Bands 

Overhead Tricep Extension with TRX Bands specifically targets the back of your arms, the tricep muscles to give you lean and jiggle free arms. 

Benefits: By performing this overhead press with TRX, you are not only working the tricep muscles, but also challenging your core and abs, aiding in your waist slim-down. 

Target Muscles: Triceps, shoulders, and abs

Equipments: TRX Suspension Band

Simply adjust your body angle to change the intensity. Step out makes your body more vertical, thus ease the intensity. Add intensity by stepping in deeper. 

Exercise Table

8-102-3MediumGym or Home

Lengthening the TRX straps also add difficulty to this exercise.

Exercise Instructions:

How do it:

  1. Hold a TRX handle in each hand and face away from the anchor point. Bend your elbows until your hands are behind your head.  
  2. Straighten your elbows by pressing your body away from your arms. 
  3. Your elbows should continue to point forward and wrists stay in the neutral position. Slowly bend your elbows to return to the starting position.
  4. Do not allow your hips to sag or arch your lower back during the movement. Repeat 8-10 times. 
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