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Extended period of sitting can cause your glutes and hip flexor to tighten.
According to Suzanna McGee, NASM personal trainer and active.com writer, it can lead to increased tension and shortening of hip flexor muscles.

Unless treated frequently and properly, the tension can worsen the stiffness and cause back pain.

Because your glutes is responsible for nearly every movement that happens at your hips, it can affect the performance of your everyday activity.

In other words, untreated muscle stiffness in your hips flexor and glutes can negatively affect your ability to walk, climb up the stairs and get in and out of a chair. 

Not all tight muscles lead to severe conditions. However, tight glutes can possibly lead to serious conditions in IT bands, knee injuries, and/or severe lower back pain. 

The easiest and simplest way to prevent and treat the shorten hip flexor and gluteus muscles is to perform effective static glutes stretches such as this Lying Piriformis Stretch. 

Additionally, NASM recommends the kneeling hip flexor stretch, Lying Hamstring Stretch, 90/90 stretch, and lying knee to chest stretch. (See a list of best hip, glutes and lower back stretches).

These stretches open up tight hips, losses the shortened muscles, and correct muscle imbalances between the  glutes and hip flexors.

Better yet, pair them with the glutes foam rolling massage to further loosen up the tight bum muscles.

This Lying glute Stretch is also frequently recommended by physicians and physical therapists as part of lower back pain relief routines, especially when the pain is caused by sciatic nerve irritation.

According to spinehealth.com, a stretch such as this lying piriformis stretch that loosens the piriformis muscles is almost always necessary to relieve pain in the region.

It is also a necessary part of restoring the range of motion.

Exercise Table

Hold for 30 secs1-2 Per/ sideEasyGym or Home

Learn how to perform the Lying Piriformis Stretch.

Recommended use:

Perform this stretch as you feel tension and tightness in your glutes and hips.

It is also a great post-workout stretch. Perform this after a high intensity leg workout to help muscle recovery, enhance fluid circulation through the muscle tissue and improve flexibility.

How to do Lying glute(piriformis) Stretch:

  1. Lie on your back and bend your left leg. Cross your left leg over your right, so your left ankle sits across your right thigh.
  2. Grab your left knee with left hand and right thigh with your right hand. Pull your right your knee toward your chest until you feel a comfortable stretch in your flutes. Hold for 15-20 secs and switch sides.
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