TRX L-Raise

L-Raise Split Stance with TRX Suspension Band

This is a great functional exercise to work your upper back, shoulders and arms. This is one of the many shoulder exercises you can perform using TRX. 

The posture muscles that are responsible for keeping your shoulders in place, particularly your rotator cuff and deltoids.

It not only works those upper back muscles to give nice lean back that looks great on your open back dress, but also improves and strengthens your core.

Benefits: By performing L Raise with TRX, you are not only training your target muscles such as upper back and trapezius (shoulders), but also the movement itself. As a result, you improve flexibility and range of motion

Exercise Table

Reps Sets Level Location
10-12 2-3 Easy Gym or Home

How to do it:

Set up your TRX in a high position.

  1. Hold a TRX handle in each hand and stand facing the anchor a few feet away from it in a split position with front leg straight and back knee bent.  
  2. Bring your arms up in front of your body so that TRX hangs diagonally. 
  3. Tighten abs. Pull your chest up and bring your arms to the sides by bending the elbows until your elbows are bent  90 degrees. 
  4. Your hands should be at slightly above your chest level. Hold the position for 1 second.
  5. Keeping your elbows bent, slowly rotate your arms up until your hands are in align with your head and ears. Hold this position for 1 second. 
  6. Return to the starting position firstly by rotating your arms back down to the pull up position (step 2) and secondly by lowering your body by strengthening your arms. Repeat 10-12 times. Switch your legs every set.


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