How to Perform Ketttlebell Russian Swings

Kettlebell Russian Swing is an effective total body exercise with numerous benefits. It not only works off your calories, it conditions the muscles in your hips, glutes (butt), legs, back and shoulders. 

Because of its momentum driven nature, Kettlebell Swing qualifies both as cardio fitness and strength conditioning. 

How to Perform Ketttlebell Swings?

1. Stand up straight with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and hold the kettlebell handle in both hands. Keep your weight spread evenly through your heels and forefoot. 

2. With your knees bent slightly, lower into a quarter of squat and push your hip hips back. Lean forward with your torso and lower the kettlebell between your knees. Keep your arms straight and your shoulders back. 
Do not round your back.

3. Explosively drive your hips forward while swing the kettlebell up to your preferred height with your core engaged. Allow gravity to pull the kettlebell back down as you push your butt back. Bend your knees to prepare for the next swing. 


  1. The motion should come from your hips, not your arms.
  2. Let gravity pull the kettlebell back down 
  3. Keep your arms straight throughout the movement

Exercise Table

102-3MediumGym or Home

Kettlebell Russian Swing is the ultimate total-body exercise that burns calories, improves your power, develops your flexibility and stregnth. Research by John Porcari PhD, from the University of Wisconsin, shows that you can burn 270 calories with just 20 minutes of kettlebell exercises.

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