How to Do Side Leg Lateral Raises

The area many women want to improve is their backside, but it also happens that backside is one of the hardest parts to tone and lose. The key to slimming and shaping up your butt is to target mutiple glute muscles. One way to do that is to utilize a bodyweight glute exercise such as this. Side Leg Lateral Raises are one great glute workout you can do at home with just your bodyweight. It’s simple to perform but highly effective at Gluteus Medius, the second largest butt muscle. 

Are Squats not enough? 

While squats are probably the most well known exercises that work your hips, thighs, and butt, truly defining your rear requires targeting different muscles in your back side from different angels. 

This approach allows different muscles in your lower body to tone and develop, giving you a well-rounded defined backside and preventing over development of one muscle group. 

Other Exercises for Your Backside

What other exercises can I do besides Squats? 

While there are many we can introduce, we like to feature Mini-Band Kneeling Side Raise in this post. It’s a great companion exercise to squats as it targets and balances the weak and smaller muscles in your glutes such as gluteus medius.

Mini-Band Kneeling Side Raise – Power of a Mini-Band

Mini-Band Kneeling Side Raise helps activate and engage weak outer thigh muscles by using the resistance created by a mini-band. Use of a mini-band generates resistance, and by working against the force, you are able to target and work the muscles harder and more effectively. In many cases, mini-band exercises allow engagement of muscles that would not normally have targeted. 

More about Mini-Bands

Mini-bands, also called tubing bands is a rubber made,  light weight, versatile fitness tool that can be used in various bodyweight exercises. The purpose of a mini-band is to create resistance. This resistance is useful in working your muscles harder and more effectively, but also in alerting your body of movements.

In Mini-Band Kneeling Side Raise, a mini-band is used for the first reason, working your muscles more effectively and working the muscles that don’t get targeted otherwise. Mini-Band used in exercises like squats is more so for the later reason. The resistance of the band alerts your knees to keep them out and prevent collapsing while squatting down. 

When using a mini-band, knowing it’s purpose in the exercise allows you to be more aware of the work it does to your body. 

How to Perform a Mini-band Kneeling Side Raise

For fitter, firmer butt, you need to do different exercises for different parts of your butt in order to get the perfect butt of your dream.

  1. Place a mini-band just above your knees. Get down on your hands and knees with your palms flat on the floor and shoulder-with apart. 
  2. Engage your abs, and slowly raise your right leg up to the side until it is inline with the hip. Hold for 1-2 seconds then return to the starting position. 

Tips: Avoid excessive twisting in your lower spine while while lifting your knee out.

Exercise Table


Is Squat being the only butt exercise in your workout routine? To truly shape up your backside, it takes a variety of glute exercises such as lunges, side leg lateral raises, hip raises, and glute kickbacks. 

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