How to Do Resistance Band Box Jumps

Resistance Band Box Jumps are effective fat burning power cardio workout that develop explosive lower body power as well as your vertical jump height. Though box jumps have been popular amongst athletes for ages, they’ve come mainstream with the rise of CrossFit. 

Box Jumps as Cardio or Lower Body Strengthening

Box Jumps are not only great cardio, but also effective at working your hamstrings, glutes, calves and core. By raising the height of your box, you can easily adjust the difficulty level of this workout and challenge yourself to a new height. 

Why Add a Resistance Band to Jumps?

Adding a resistance band to box jumps encourages your smaller glute muscle, glutes medius to activate by preventing your knees from caving in. It also triggers the muscles in your hips, glutes and core more, giving you the benefit of resistance training while training for power, cardio and plyometrics. 

Resistance Band Box Jumps for Weight Loss and Calorie and Fat Burn

By working one of the biggest muscle groups in the body, legs, you can ensure you are bound to have maximum energy expenditure (leads to weight loss) and muscle toning effects. 

Not Suitable for People with Bad Knees

Although this is a great exercise for all fitness levels, people with bad knees should be warned that box jumps may place pressure on your knee joints as you land from a powerful, explosive jump. 

Exercise Table

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How to Box Jump with a Resistance Band

A. Stand an arm length away from the box with feet shoulder width apart. Put a resistance band right above your knees. Bend your arms and bring them at your chest level.

B. Swing your arms back by pulling the elbows back. Get into a half squat position by pushing and lowering your hips. Keep knees out to maintain tension in the band. Jump vertically towards the box by swinging your arms and pushing your feet though the floor.

C. Land softly and quietly on the box. Return to the starting position and repeat to complete the set.

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