How to Do Planks Exercise with Arm Lift

Whether you want to tone your abs, improve your core strength or develop muscular endurance planks exercise is one of the best abdominal and core building exercises you can do. It works the deepest core muscles as well the outer ab muscles often called the six-pack muscles. The best part is you can do it anywhere and doesn’t require any equipment to perform.

If you have been performing the regular plank and getting tired of the same old move, it’s time to spice up your plank and add a bit more challenge to your familiar exercise. That being said, your challenge doesn’t have to involve anything like 6 minute plank challenge.There is actually a far better, safer and more fun way to get more out of your planks.

It’s to add a more advanced plank exercise like this Plank with Arm Lift to your ab and core workout routine. By changing the form of your planks, you can challenge your core strength, musclular endurance and tone your midsection without hurting your lower back. 

These inner abdominal muscles work with the outer core muscles such as the rectus abdominus and external obliques to help stabilize your spine. 

This simple planking exercise sure contains a lot of muscle engagements in one! Adding the arm lift movements requires your abs to work extensively to maintain the isometric straight position from your shoulders to your ankles. This makes this plank workout more effective and difficult than regular plank.

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you first begin by learning basic plank pose before advancing yourself to Diagonal Plank. If all you are doing is hundreds of crunches but seeing no results, it’s time to add Plank to your workout routine!

Exercise Table

10 on each side2-3MediumGym or Home

How to do perform the Plank with Arm Lift

A. Lie facedown with your feet shoulder-width apart and legs fully extended. Bend your elbows and support your weight on your forearms. Lift up your hips and balance yourself on forearms and toes. Tighten abs.

B. Raise one arm up and push forward diagonally at 45 degree angle. Hold the position for 2 seconds before bringing your arm back. Maintain your abs and butt engaged through the movement. Repeat for 10 times before switching sides.

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