How to Do a Medicine Ball Overhead Slam

Medicine ball is a great fitness tool to develop your core strength, power, while burning fat. Explosive movements like the Medicine Ball Overhead Slam are more metabolically demanding on the body as it requires your body to recover quickly to get ready for the next repetition. 

Muscle Engagements

Although the Ball Slam is a full body exercise that works every muscle in your body, the explosive power is generated from your core.  
In the downward trowing motion, you engage your glutes, legs and abs to support the downward force without losing the proper form.

Plyometrics Exercise for All Fitness Levels

This exercise can be done by people of all fitness levels including complete beginners, but there are ways to adjust the intensity to fit your fitness level.

If you are a beginner, just scale back the intensity by using a lighter medicine ball and perform less reps. Don’t let speed be your focus. Rather, focus all your efforts on getting the most out of each throw. 

If you are an advanced athlete, use a heavier medicine ball. Changing your feet stance to one leg (Single Leg Medicine Ball Slam) also intensifies the slam and challenges your core even more. 

When it comes power exercise such as this one, it is not about how many repetitions you do, but it’s about how well and how much effort you put in each rep. By keeping the repetition count low allows you to focus more on good techniques and its effectiveness. 

How to Perform the Perfect Medicine Ball Overhead Slam:

A. Grab and hold the ball with both hands, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend your knees. Bring the ball directly over your head.  

B. Engage your core and bring your arms forward to throw the ball onto the ground in front of you as hard as you can. Repeat until you complete the prescribed number of repetitions. 


  • Keep your feet on the ground

Exercise Variables:

  • Do 8- 10 reps with a 8-25 lb medicine ball. 

Muscles Worked:

  • You should feel your abs, shoulders and arms 

Other Plyometrics Cardio Workouts:

Exercise Table

8-102-3EasyGym or Home

Feeling stressed? We all are. Why not use your workout as a way to release some steam? While slamming or throwing may not be an appropriate stress relief activities outside of fitness, but it’s considered an effective way to strengthen your body and relieving stress, leaving you both stress-free and fit. Grab an 10-15lb medicine ball and slam it to the ground as hard as you can. 

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