Groin Stretches – Adductor Stretch

Not properly stretching your groin before working out or going for a run can cause muscle strain in your adductors.

Many researches agree that a combination of static and dynamic stretches is useful and effective at reducing muscle strain in physical activities.

That’s because stretching and proper warm-up helps loosen muscle fibers and increase flood flow so your body can respond to exercise stress better.

Static stretches are the type of strethcing you hold steady for 30 seconds. 

dynamic stretch is similar to a warm-up, but more targeted. 

It preppares your body by mimicking the motion of the planned exercises. For example, if your exercise regimen include squats, performing 1 to 2 sets of bodyweight squats as a warm up can prep your hips and glutes.

Another dynamic stretch such as lateral lunges can properly stretch and warm up your inner thigh muscles as well as groin for more demanding lower body exercise in your workout. To prevent groin injuries, stretching before activity is extremely improtant.

When stretching groin, remember to stretch all areas of your groin as it is primarily made of three major muscles: 

  1. Adductor
  2. Gracilis
  3. Pectineus

They all connected from the pubic bone to the top of the thigh and inside of the knee. 

These muscles work together along with many others to pull your leg back to the middle or towards each other.

The adductor is the biggest muscle and most prone to injury, says Dr. Julie Ann Aeuron, a New York-based physical therapist and Yoga teacher on article pusblished on

How to perform groin stretches

Pulling your groin can not only be a painful experience but also a nagging one since your ability to perform normal daily tasks can get severely affected.

Well stretched adductors can prevent such painful muscle strains during your workout, run, or other physical activity.

Exercise Table

10-15 sec hold1EasyGym or Home

Stretch your adductors with Rock and Groiner Stretch.  

This static exercise stretches your groin muscles and improves flexibility of inner thighs, thus aid in preventing painful muscle pulls. 

How to Perform Groin Stretch:

  1. Get down on your knees and hands on a mat and spread your knees as far as possible. Keep your feet aligned with the width of your knees.
  2. Gently move your hips back toward your heels so that you feel a slight stretch in the groin. Hold for 30 seconds. Return to the starting position.
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