Forward Lunge

Although you can’t spot reduce fat in your legs, performing leg exercises that strengthen your leg muscles such as your quads, hips, and hamstrings can enhance the area’s blood flow. This increased blood flow in the area prone to stubborn excess fat  can help the fatty acids to get released from the fat storage into the bloodstream to get burnt off in the muscle cells. 

Forward lunge is one of the premier leg exercises for working the leg and butt muscles in every angle. Because it’s a functional move that works multiple-muscles all at once, you recruit more muscle fibers and use more energy than when performing a leg extension on a exercise machine. 

This basic lunge exercise is great for both strengthening and toning the hamstrings and quads. They also improve the lower limb function and flexibility in the flexors.

Whether you want to rock your bikini or wear a pair of skinny jeans, the forward lunge can bring the leg toning effects you need.

How to perform the forward lunge: 

Stand as tall as you can with your feet spread shoulder-width apart. Look straight ahead, and keep your torso as upright as possible for the entire exercise. Keep your lower back slightly arched and abs engaged.

A. Take a step forward about 2-3 feet straight in front of you. Raise your back heel to be on your toes. Maintain your balance and keep your torso upright.

 B. Lower your body by bending your back knee until your front thigh is parallel to the floor. Go back to the starting position and repeat 10 times before switching to the other side.

Exercise Table

Reps Sets Level Location
10-12 2-3 Easy Gym or Home


  • Your front knee should not pass your toes. 
  • Back knee should be at 90 degree angle. 


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