Foam Roll Your Hamstrings

Foam rolling your hamstrings (back of the thighs) is a great way to aid quick muscle recovery and prevent activity related injuries by decreasing soreness, releasing tightness and improving flexibility.

The technique of foam rolling lengthens and breaks down muscle adhesion or trigger point in the muscles. To effective foam roll your hamstrings, place a roller under your hamstrings and apply firm and steady pressure directly on the tender area for 20 to 30 seconds or until the tenderness is gone. 

Tight and sore hamstrings is a common problem that can lead to hamstring muscle strains, back pain, and inferior workout/athletic performance. An easy way to loosen your hamstrings is foam rolling (a.k.a.. self-myofascial release or SMR). It may feel uncomfortable at first, but that’s how you know that it’s effective!

Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling hamstrings loosens the muscles and releases a tense knot in your hamstrings. Looser muscles allow you to have a wider range of motions and more flexibility in the region. If you are having overactive hamstrings that are causing your lower back pain, foam rolling hamstrings may help relieve the pain.

If you don’t already own a foam roller, get one here.. very similar to the one that the model is using in the video.

Difficulty Level:

  • Easy to hard depending on how sore or tight your hamstrings muscles are:

Exercise Table

20-30 Secs Hold1EasyGym or Home

How to foam roll your hamstrings

  1. Place a foam roller on the floor, and sit with your right leg on the roller and left leg bent on the floor. Place both hands behind your body with your fingers pointing away from you. 
  2. Roll the foam roller up and down between your knee to just under your butt. Stop where you feel discomfort and hold for 30-60 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.


  • Any spot where you feel discomfort is your sore spot where muscle is tight and sore, and where you need to hold to loosen the tightness.
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