Exercise for Inner Thighs (Adductors), Cable Hip Crossover

Exercise for Inner Thighs (Adductors), Cable Hip Crossover.

The standing cable hip crossover is a lower body leg strengthening exercise that works the inner thighs, outer thighs, quads and the gluteal muscle of the resting leg.

The inner thighs is made of a number different muscles collectively known as the hip adductors.

They help stabilize the pelvis when you walk, run and perform any other daily activities.

When the adductors muscles are toned, they help make the thighs look lean, sleek and slim.

While you may not have realized it, exercises you regularly perform have a secondary toning effect on your adductors. 

Some of the exercises that secondarily engage the adductors are:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Step-ups

If you want to primary target your adductors, look out for exercises that pull the legs inward and adduct the hip joints. These movements help isolate and strengthen the inner thigh muscles. 

This Standing Hip Crossover exercise is a great example. 

Another example many like to list as adductor exercise is exercises with the gym adductor machine. 

Though they may certainly work and strengthen the inner leg muscles using an adductor machine at the gym, it’s not the most efficient way to work the inner thighs.  

It’s because the gym adductor machine has you perform the exercise sitting down, it fails to train the adductors in the way they naturally functions.

In other words, it’s a less functional way to work your adductors. 

Your muscles are much better off trained both for strength and functionalities, and adductors are no exception. 

Instead, opt in on an exercise that effectively targets your adductors in a functional way. 

The standing hip cross over is not only effective at targeting your adductors, slims your legs and helps lose inner thigh fat, but also helps improve your hip mobility, balance and stability. 

Put it simply, it trains for functionalities by stabilizing the pelvis and strengthening the legs. o stabilize the pelvis and legs to improve your daily performance. 

The difference in its body positioning and movements. 

You perform the standing hip crossover in a standing position using a cable machine working each leg independently.

This positioning and movements do two things:

  • Work your inner thigh harder
  • Train for functionalities

By working legs unilaterally in a standing position, you not only work the leg with a dynamic movement (bringing the leg across the body), but target the balancing leg just as much.

In fact, it takes twice as much more muscle engagement from the balancing leg than the working leg. 
It’s because the balancing leg is responsible for both stabilizing the body and the movement of the working leg.

This crossover is also excellent for functional training as it closely mimics real life activities. It moves the working leg in a similar way you’d in walking, going up the stairs and running.

It also trains for hip joint stability, balance and flexibility. 

Another additional, hidden benefit of this adductor exercise is core strength. 
Although core muscles are not the primary target, it has to work hard to keep the body’s proper spinal alignment throughout the movement. 

All parts of core including the internal and external obliques, rectus abdominal, and lower back muscle have to jointly work harder to resist movement and keep your torso from rotating. 

Like with all exercises, you have to perform it with proper form to reap the full benefits. 

Watch the video below and follow the step by step exercise instruction. 

Exercise Table


How to Do Cable Hip Crossover

Note: Use weight that you can do 8-10 repetition. If you can easily do more, increase the weight. Decrease the weight if you have a difficulty performing 8-10 reps in the proper form.

  1. Set up a cable pulley machine’s cable at the lowest level (your ankle level).
  2. Stand next to the cable pulley station with your left leg closer to the station and attach the ankle strap to your left ankle. 
  3. While balancing your body with right leg, use your left inner thigh to lift your knee up and bring across your body. 
  4. Return to the starting position without losing your balance. Repeat 10 times and switch sides.
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