Exercise Ball Push-Ups – How to Do It

A pushup is one of the most complete body exercises there is. This Incline Exercise Ball Push-up is an advanced version of incline push-up where your upper body is elevated by an exercise ball.

It’s an excellent total-body workout that engages nearly every major muscle group in your body from your chest, shoulders, triceps to your abs and legs. Many fitness experts have called Push-ups the closest thing to a perfect bodyweight exercise. If you’ve ever done pushups, you would agree as well.

Push-ups are also used by fitness trainers to test their clients’ core and upper body strength. If you can perform 10 perfect pushups, you are considered to be in good fitness shape.

When 100 pushups are taking the nation by storm, it’s not the only way to challenge your pushups. Changing pushup forms is also a great way to advance your pushups and continue to challenge and strengthen your core. That’s where this Incline Pushups on Stability Ball come in. If you are capable of performing 10 perfect pushups on a flat surface, advance yourself to a more challenging pushup variation such as this advanced Incline Pushup. 

Why Pushups on an Exercise Ball?

An exercise ball also known as an Yoga ball is an incredibly useful and effective fitness tool when it to comes to improving your core strength and balance.

While the standard Incline Pushups where your hands are on a bench or a secured elevated surface are easier than Floor Pushups, adding an exercise ball to the beginner frinedly pushup magically turns it to an advanced move that requires stronger core and body strength. 

Exercise Table

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By placing your hands on an exercise ball, you are bound to work on an instable surface, forcing your core to work harder to keep you from falling off the ball. 

How to do Incline Pushups on an Yoga Ball

A. Start out in push-up position. Hold the ball still with your hands. You should form a straight line from head to toes. 

B. Keeping your abs tight and perform push-ups. 

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