Dynamic Plank Exercise

Dynamic plank also known as plank to push-up is an advanced plank that engages the abs greater than the basic plank exercise. 

Though not widely known, abdominals are made up of 4 ab muscles.

What we often call six-pack abs are the results of defined Rectus Abdominis, the top layer of ab muscles in the middle of your stomach.

But as with anything, working and toning all the other abdominals underneath and side of the Six-pack muscles holds the key to the flat and toned stomach look you want to achieve. 

And if you are in doubt, try to remember the last time you saw a girl with really tight and firm abs in the front with flabby love handles and fat layers showing up on the sides.

You can't, and that's because toning abs goes beyond working the most visible ab muscles, which is Rectus Abdominis of course.

One of the great benefits of performing dynamic plank exercise is that it engages more than the six-pack muscles.

It works your Internal Oblique and External Oblique (sides of your abs) and even gives Transversus abdominis (the bottom layer of the oblique muscles) a workout.

This full engagement of multiple abdominal muscles gives the dynamic plank the ability to tone and slim your waist, flatten and define the front of your abs and give your midsection the ultimate makeover it needs to rock a bikini or wear a LBD without an under gourmet. 

The benefits of this plank progression don't stop there.

Contrary to the basic plank which you hold the isometric position for a prescribed duration of time, this advanced plank exercise incorporates a dynamic movement, and that comes with a full benefit of its own. 

When you perform a dynamic exercise, you burn more calories.

It also leads to more belly fat reduction as it raises your resting metabolic rate and taps into EPOC.

By working your body harder in a fast tempo, your body will take more energy to bring back to its pre-workout state.

In short, your body will continue to burn calories for hours after your workout, and that's really how you bring down your body fat percentage and lose all your belly fat. 

By combining the calorie burning benefit with multiple-abdominal muscles toning effect, you really cannot go wrong with this advanced and out-of-breath kind of plank exercise. 

Also, let's not forget to mention other benefits of plank exercise.

The plank workout builds a stronger core, which helps prevent back injuries and tones the upper body body parts such as chest, triceps and shoulders by engaging them both during the hold and dynamic movement.

Please be warned that you should only perform this advanced plank if you have enough core strength to hold the basic plank isometric position for 30 seconds or longer.

This exercise can cause you more harm than good when done without sufficient core strength.

Take the plank test to see if you are fit for the dynamic plank.

Exercise Table

Reps Sets Level Location
8-15 2-3 Medium Gym or Home

How to do the dynamic plank:

  1. Begin the exercise in a plank position on the ground.Your arms should form a 90-degree angle at the elbow.  Your forearms support your upper body, while your toes support your your lower body. 
  2. Make sure your forearms and feet are about shoulder-width apart, your body is forming a straight line from your ankles to the back of your head. 
  3. Slowly put your hands on the ground, one at a time, until you are in a push-up position. Your arms should be straight. Hold position for 2 seconds, and then slowly lower yourself back down, placing one forearm at a time on the ground.


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