Core Exercises for Women Side Planks – Leg Split

Spot reducing fat around your midsection is not possible according latest studies from Yale Scientific and Princeton.

That doesn’t mean you should neglect your core exercises completely and leave them out of your workout routine. 

After all your core is not limited just to your stomach.

It goes far beyond the aesthetics that you often see on the cover of the latest Shape and Women’s Health Magazine.

According to Robert  Donatelli, PhD, PT, “The core is composed of as many as 35 different muscle groups connecting into the pelvis from 

Your core is the center of gravity and where all movements begin. It is also the center of stability for the lower limb, from the foot to the hip. Stronger core is a matter of body functionalities, stability, balance and spinal health (1). 

Although core supports almost all your body movements, they don’t necessarily produce movements. They provide the working foundation for the rest of the body and help support movements of other body parts such as legs and arm. 

For that reason, training your core does not necessarily have to involve multiple movements and vigorousness. It can take a gentler approach where you train your body to resist the force, rather than create moves. 

Plank is one exercise that uses this isometric training method to effectively strengthen all the muscles in your trunk. 

Says Jeff Kuhland, Contributor to

Core strengthening exercise

Side plank is a simple and effective bodyweight isometric exercise that works the obliques, outer thighs, glutes, and shoulders. Yes, it works more than your core.

It is similar to the forearm plank and classified as one of plan variations. However, with side plank, you hold your body sideways to target the sides of your abs more intensely. 

Just as plank, this exercise has you hold an isometric, hold position for 30-60 seconds. 
The challenge is in extending the hold time.

According to Keith Scott, CSCS, “the longer you can hold the plank, the more resilient your lower back will be to injury, and the better your abs will look once your burn off the belly fat.”

How to Do Side Plank with Feet Split

  1. Lie on one side with your knees straight and top foot crossed over the back bottom foot. Place your bottom forearm on the mat, and position your elbow right under your shoulder. 
  2. Tighten your abs and butt, and lift up your hips by pushing from elbow to make a straight line from feet to your head. Your weight should now be on your forearm.
  3. Hold the position for 30 -60 seconds. 
  4. Lower your hips to return to the starting position. Switch sides.

Exercise Table

Hold for 30-60 secs2-3MediumGym or Home

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