PLanks Exercise

How to Do Planks Exercise with Arm Lift

Whether you want to tone your abs, improve your core strength or develop muscular endurance planks exercise is one of the best abdominal and core building exercises you can do. It works the deepest core muscles as well the outer ab muscles often called the six-pack muscles. The best part is you can ... Continue Reading


How to Do a Plank in 3 Simple Steps

The plank is the single best exercise you can do for your core

Doing the plank with proper form will make you stronger. 

The plank looks simple, yet it works the abs, lower back, glutes, legs, arms, and shoulders.

It pretty much works your whole body.

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Side plank Exercise

How to Do a Side Plank

Side plank is one the simplest bodyweight exercises you can do to develop strength in your corethe muscles that connect your upper and lower body.

And it's more than just your abs.

Your glutes, pelvic, arms and shoulders are all part of ... Continue Reading

Side Plank Exercise - Incline

Work off the love handles and strengthen your obliques with side plank feet up!

Side plank incline is one of the side plank variations that challenges and improves your core strength. Once you can hold the basic side plank exercise for 45 seconds or longer, it's time to upgrade your side plank ... Continue Reading

Renegade Rows

Dumbbell Renegade Rows

The dumbbell renegade row is a plank to row exercise that works your abs as effectively as the basic plank and engages and tones additional major muscles such as the upper back and shoulders.

Because it's a multi-tasking workout, the renegade row is particularly useful when you are pressed with ... Continue Reading