How to Foam Roll Your (Adductor) Inner Thigh

Foam rolling the adductor brevis (inner thigh) is a great way to release the tight inner thigh mucles that cause instability of the knee and hip during exercises such as the squats and lunges. This can be an uncomfortable exercise for many women to perform due to the position of the roller, but the benefit makes it all worth it. 

If you’re feeling tigthness in your inner thigh, foam rolling can be a geat way to loosen it up.

Before you begin your regular pre-workout stretches, foam roll the muscles you intent to work on during the workout. Even better, make foam rolling your daily ritual to improve and maintain your muscle health!

Benefits of Foam Rolling: 

Foam rolling your adductors (inner thighs), brings as many benefits as getting a professional massage. It relieves muscle soreness and tightness, thus improves your flexibility and corrects muscle imbalances. 

Target Muscles: 

  • Adductors (inner thighs) 

Equipments: Foam Roller

Exercise Table

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How to foam roll your adductor (inner thigh):

  1. Lie facedown on the floor with forearms propping up the upper body. Place a foam roller under your inner thigh close to your pelvis.
  2. Roll the foam roller outward to the inside of your knee. Stop where you feel discomfort and hold for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Switch legs and repeat. 


  • Any spot where you feel discomfort is your sore spot where muscle is tight and sore. 
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