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What Are We Looking for?

We ’ re looking for articles that will be unique and original to Fitwirr on all things health and fitness.
There is no minimum word count, but typically articles run between 450 and 2,500 words depending on the topic.
We ask that articles that will be unique and original to Fitwirr, having not been publishes or submitted elsewhere online,
including personal blogs and website.

Articles That We Especially Love Include

Yoga , Workout & Exercise
Start each article with an intro to inform readers what the post will be about with a summary at the end. The article ’ s body should be broken down into a list or section readers can easily digest.

Lifestyle or Beauty

Show us how to make, apply, or shop for organic, natural, non-toxic home or beauty products. Include images in tutorial articles focused on how to create or achieve a specific look.

When submitting a recipe, please include original high-quality images of the finished dish, nutrition facts, measurements, and clear instructions on how to make the dish. Also include an introduction paragraph explaining the health benefits of your dish, how you like to serve it, and why this particular recipe is your favorite.

What are we not looking for?

We are not interested in self-promotion articles for your own services and products. If you would like to get your health and fitness product or content featured on Fitwirr, submit it for a review here or see the advertising page.
We are also not interested in weight-loss gimmicks.

Article Guidelines

Only submit one article at a time.

To submit another article, wait 15 days after your previous submission.

If you mention health claims, please include a link to the studies and cite the sourses at the end of your article.

If you are claiming certain workouts or food is healthier than others, give proof. Ideally this is done by citing peer-reviewed scientific journal articles in your post.

Photo Guidelines

You may submit photographs to accompany your article. To keep our images consistent in style, please follow these guidelines:
Landscape images
Lighter background or in the daylight
Image should be taken on a clean, natural surface, white or gray light, or natural wood.

What to include in your submission

Please send all of the follow to the section editor most appropriate for your article:
Your full article with title
All images you want included in your article
A short bio less than 150 characters with links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus.
A headshot to use in your bio


We do not offer monetary compensation to our authors;
however you will have the opportunity to include a brief bio of yourself with each article.
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Please keep your bio no longer than 3 sentences.

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