Post-Holiday 30-Day Fitness Challenge to Get Fit

You enjoyed the family gatherings, reconnected with childhood friends, toasted on good health countless times, and ate every eye-catching dish put out on a dining table.

Now what? Your stomach is bloated, belt got tighter and you just don’t feel blessed with health anymore…..The holiday season is fun and exciting, but it can be a train wreck for your health and waistline. 

If that’s you after this holiday season, it’s time to get your health back on track and get started on having a year blessed with good health (like you toasted at Uncle John’s house ). 

As much the holiday season is a fun feast for yourself, much of it is pleasing others. From traveling to gift giving, making others happy took the center stage, and focusing on yourself went out the window. It’s time to shift your focus back on yourself again. 

After all the partying, getting your health back on track sounds hard and rigorous, but it doesn’t have to be. We asked our Fitness Expert at Fitwirr to create a 30 day workout plan consisting both cardio and strength training exercises, so you can melt away the extra pounds you put on and tighten up the softer feeling tummy and tush. 

If you fear us putting you into hours of training, you got nothing to fear. Since it’s new year and we make resolutions and declarations, We are getting on the bandwagon and declare the end of 60 minute workout session. Our resolution is sweat for 30 minutes or less everyday. 

With this 30 day workout calendar, you’ll not only burn all the excess fat you accumulated in a record time but also build lean muscle mass, so your metabolism becomes more efficient, body looks more toned and lean, and weight gets managed. 
As an added bonus, we prepared a 30 day meal plan to go with the cardio and strength workout plan, so you can fuel your body with nutrients and please your stomach with delicious meals. As many experts say in health and fitness say “a sexy body 

is made in the kitchen”, it’s time to toss the leftover pies out and start indulging yourself on healthy nutritious foods. 
One of the benefits of doing a 30 day challenge is developing healthy habits. Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Completing this 30 day challenge helps you get into the habit of working out and eating right and sets your 2015 into the right direction.

Download our 30-Day Workout Challenge and 30 Day Meal Plan here and get started on a healthier, new you. 
Here is to your good health and happiness filled year in 2015. 

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