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About: 4-Week Bikini Body Express Plan

We are super excited about our new product, the 4-Week Bikini Body Express Plan.

It’s a fit woman’s secret guide to get and stay in their best bikini shape.

This step-by-step plan is for a woman who wants to slim down

4-Week Bikini Body Express Planand tone-up fast and a complete body transformation while improving her health and vitality.

Unlike most fitness and nutrition programs that apply “one-size-fits-all” weight loss and body shaping approach, this plan provides customized solutions to women, whether they are endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph.

It’s the first and only body type specific nutrition and workout plan that understands each woman’s body composition, type and metabolic nature and offers a customized plan accordingly.

We believe only by fulfilling each woman’s unique and specific individual needs by fueling her body with the food it needs in the right macronutrient proportions, she can see her weight come off, belly fat disappear, thighs shrink and fat melt off right in front of her very own eyes in just a matter of weeks, all while experiencing boost in energy, vitality and overall health.

It’s the power of fulfilling exactly what their body needs and working it in the right way to boost their calorie burning to melt fat and slim down.

It’s full of additional features women love including easy, delicious recipes, body type specific food list, 4-week workout calendar, yoga routine, stretches, warm-up/cool-down, bikini-body before and after tracker, workout logs and much more.

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